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Loose Leaf Tea Time’s Tea is carefully hand selected and hand blended some of the best in the industry. Our tea is purchased from all parts of the world and is carefully inspected by experts so that we may provide you with the most quality product possible. Below is a list of the tea types we carry and some of their attributes:

Black Loose Leaf Tea

Our black loose leaf tea is the tea that wakes you up in the morning and keeps you going throughout the day. Often times people drink them over their breaks during the day or simply add sugar/milk during the cold seasons or ice and lemons during the warm seasons.

All of the loose leaf black teas come from around the world and carefully hand picked for a particular flavoring. The black teas range from rich to delicate making a satisfying option for any customer.

Green Loose Leaf Tea

By far the oldest loose leaf tea on record, green tea is still in style and continues to be one of the more popular choices. Partly because you can add it to almost any recipe and it still tastes wonderful.

Loose leaf green tea can come in many varieties including plain as hot or cold, in latte’s, pastries or even ice cream

We take pride in the quality and flavoring of the teas that we provide. We love each and everyone of them and hope that you will too. To extend our customer outreach we have also mixed in some citrus fruits and exotic spices. Whatever the time of day it is you are sure to find a tea to quench your thirst.